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This is a cli tool for creating a specific type of project with a name. vsr-new can fetch the desired structure from another repo and create a new directory structure with the starting files for the specified project. The binaries compiled from Rust are working on Windows64, MacOS, and Linux.

I built vsr-new with Rust for learning more of the language and have a new tool available. It uses recursion and async requests to the Github API. This tool was uploaded into the Crates package manager of Rust if any developer wants to try it out from this option. Also, every new release triggers a workflow for compiling the Rust source code into binaries with Github Actions for then post them into the new release.

Due to the tedious installation process with the binaries themselves, I developed an alternative tool that can run with npx uploaded into the npm registry which is also multiplatform. It was written with Typescript and has compatibility with Javascript codes.

This project was a good entry point to the Rust language and a good practice of CI/CD with Github Actions and a nice review of the OS requirements when working with binaries.




  • CLI development
  • Starter code
  • GHActions


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