Hi, I'm Jhonatan,

full stack developer, electrical engineer, and SRE

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I’m a Peruvian-based Full stack developer for over 3 years. I’m interested in the JAM Stack, with plenty of experience in React and Next.js work. Also, I’m a big fan of tRPC, along with GraphQL and other tools that work really nicely with Typescript.

I have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with a specialization in Digital and Computational Systems, with a special interest in IoT devices with low power consumption and the entire ecosystem for the development of a specific application.

I have developed my own web cloud to monitor remote LoRa-based stations. Lately, I have realized worked with the open-source platform Thingsboard. I have worked on several projects related to environmental parameter acquisition with IoT. Published one indexed paper in IEEE related to temperature acquisition inside buildings.

I have also a good understanding of the cloud by constantly trying up new technologies. I have managed several production environments with Docker containers, orchestrators, and load balancers. Worked as Software architect of three Peruvian startups:

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